In order to ensure the safety of the operator and CNC gantry machining center, please check the following items before starting to ensure the accuracy and life of the machine.

CNC gantry machining

(1) Whether the amount of oil in the lubricating oil tank, water tank, etc. is sufficient, and whether the air pressure is correct.

(2) The tools used in the inspection should conform to the specifications allowed by the machine tool.

(3) The maximum tool length, maximum tool weight, and total tool weight do not exceed the specified value.

(4) Check that the knife used has wear and tear that does not affect the use, and sometimes it should be replaced immediately.

(5) Some moving parts of CNC gantry machining center are lubricated with grease. Before working, check whether the machine tool has reached the time specified on the lubrication indicator plate, and replenish it in time.

(6) Check whether there are obstructions around the CNC gantry machining center control system.

(7) Check whether each control system is closed properly.

(8) Check whether each control switch is in good condition.

(9) Check whether anyone is in the machinery danger zone.

(10) Check again whether the workpiece has been reliably clamped on the worktable.