With the advancement of society, the use of processing centers has become more and more widespread. The current mixed processing of intermediate varieties on the market makes some new-style companies do not know how to choose the processing center, which type of processing center to do in detail.

1. Parts that are produced repeatedly in small batches
2. The shape is messy and the machining accuracy is high, and the general CNC machine tool cannot process or it is difficult to ensure the quality of the parts.
3. During the machining process, it is necessary to perform multi-process processing. If necessary, milling, boring, countersinking or tapping can be completed in one clamping.
4. It is necessary to strictly control the parts of public service
5. Workpieces with large cutting allowance
6. Housing or box-shaped parts that are difficult to measure, difficult to control feed, and difficult to control the size of the cavity.
7. Technology and description of parts subject to change