CNC lathe processing nuts, so that the problem can be quickly resolved

Project Title: Improvement of the shrinkage of thread inner diameter after M4 aluminum nut pressure riveting
Customer requirements: material requirements-2024 aviation aluminum
Dimension requirements-in line with drawing tolerances (unmarked dimensions must be designed and processed by yourself)
At the same time meet the pressure riveting pull force requirements
Request-refer to customer assembly performance design and processing drawings

7swords machining

Project Background:
1. The client drawing fails to describe the requirements for the inner diameter of the product thread after riveting, and other requirements of the client drawing cannot be changed. The product structure must be optimized and improved in accordance with the customer’s assembly requirements (the national standard is changed to non-standard);
2. The client cannot provide assembly standard parts for adaptation, and the structural verification materials need to be measured on the client site and the verification materials shall be made by themselves;
3. The outer diameter of the product needs to be pressure riveted. After pressure riveting, the inner diameter of the thread will be reduced to a certain extent. While improving the inner diameter of the thread, the pressure riveting force of the outer diameter of the product must be met to ensure that the product does not fall off under 15KG.

7swords machining

1. Test the amount of change in the inner diameter of the nut after the nut is riveted and collect data, and combine the data to improve the thread inner diameter;
2. Go to the client to measure and collect the size data of assembly verification materials, design and produce verification materials;
3. Combine the two data to make product verification after improvement, test the inner diameter of the thread after riveting of the product, and the drawing force after riveting of the product to meet customer requirements.

Final case:
The product process improvement of this project, through data collection, verification of material design, product verification and other methods, solves process design problems for customers!