In the whole process of CNC machining, the different composition of the main parameters of the CNC blade geometry produces different drilling shapes.

Immediately endanger the reliability and process performance of the entire drilling process. In an ideal situation, when the arc-shaped diamond blade is used for milling production and processing of soft metal materials, contour peaks and contour valleys are generated on the surface of the product workpiece. The distance between them is called the basic theoretical surface roughness. The size is equivalent to f2/8R (f is the cutting speed, R is the arc semi-warp of the CNC blade). So what must be paid attention to when CNC machining and clamping CNC blades?

CNC lathes

1. The tool should be clamped firmly and not too short in the collet.

2. The CNC machining blade should be checked every time whether the cutter is in compliance with the regulations. The length of the cutter should be clear according to the production and processing depth indicated in the procedure sheet. Generally, it should be slightly good at the production and processing depth of 3mm and take into account the collet is Not an impact.

3. When encountering a situation of deep production and processing, you can communicate with the programmer, and consider choosing the method of 2 retraction as appropriate, that is, first obtain half to 2/3 of the length, and wait for the production and processing to the deeper part. The length of the cable can increase the efficiency of production and processing.

4. When using the extension cable tip, it is especially necessary to grasp the depth of the knife and the required knife length.

5. Before the CNC machining blade is installed on the machine for operation, use a cleaning towel to wipe the parts with the mating finishes neatly. The relative parts of the CNC lathe cutter cover are also cleaned to prevent iron pins on the mating surfaces from harming precision and destroying the CNC lathe.

CNC machining

6. Generally, the sharp knife setting method is used for the length of the CNC blade (the status of the tool setting in the condition of the tool), and the program flow sheet should be carefully checked when setting the knife.

7. When the program is terminated or the knife is set again, you should pay attention to whether the deep layer can be connected to the front side. Under normal circumstances, you can first increase the 0 mm line, and then adjust according to the situation.

8. For rotating retractable blades, if water-soluble cutting oil is used, it should be soaked with grease for several hours every half month or so for maintenance, so that the internal parts of the blade will be wetted and not damaged.