The technical issues of CNC machining of the processed parts involve a wide range of aspects. The following is a combination of the possibility and convenience of programming and puts forward some main contents that need to be analyzed and reviewed.

CNC machining process

1. The dimensioning should conform to the characteristics of CNC machining

In CNC programming, the size and position of all points, lines, and surfaces are based on the programming origin. Therefore, the coordinate size is directly given on the part drawing, or the size is quoted on the same basis as possible.

2. The conditions of geometric elements should be complete and accurate

In programming, programmers must fully grasp the geometric element parameters constituting the contour of the part and the relationship between the geometric elements. Because all geometric elements of the part outline must be defined during automatic programming, the coordinates of each node must be calculated during manual programming. No matter which point is unclear or uncertain, programming cannot be carried out. However, due to inadequate consideration or neglect by part designers in the design process, there are often incomplete or unclear parameters, such as arc and straight line, arc and arc whether they are tangent or intersecting or separated. Therefore, when reviewing and analyzing the drawings, you must be careful and contact the designer in time if you find any problems.

3. Reliable positioning reference

In CNC machining, the machining processes are often concentrated, and it is very important to locate on the same reference. Therefore, it is often necessary to set some auxiliary datums or add some process bosses on the blank.

4. Unified geometry type or size

The shape and inner cavity of the part adopt a uniform geometric type or size, which can reduce the number of tool changes. It is also possible to apply a control program or a special program to shorten the program length. The shape of the parts is as symmetrical as possible, which is convenient for programming using the mirror machining function of the CNC machine tool to save programming time.