CNC equipment capabilities and business scope:

1 Imported special hard oxidation production line: provide aluminum alloy military standard hard oxidation, coloring hard oxidation, Teflon sealed self-lubricating composite hard oxidation and other special processing (in line with US military standard MIL 8625 TYPE III, national standard GB/T 19822-2005/ISO 10074:1994, Aerospace HB/Z 237-1993 German DIN EN 12373)
2 A chemical conductive oxidation production line: Provide environmentally friendly trivalent chromium passivation (typical process SURTEC650 Aldine) chromium-free magnesium oxide alloying into aluminum die castings passivation aluminum passivation traditional hexavalent chromium aluminum passivation (corrosion resistance And low-resistance conduction purposes) processing load MIL 5541 and other related standards.

CNC precision aluminum parts
3 Chronic acid (used in aviation) oxidation (using special power supply technology and hard oxidation and line production is dedicated to processing aviation requirements anodizing
4 Decorative sulfuric acid anodizing (only special anodizing is provided, including secondary oxidation, transition color oxidation, composite coloring, high brightness oxidation, etc.)
5 One micro-arc oxidation experimental line, with a pilot production capacity of about 500pcs per day, to undertake oxidation of magnesium alloy and titanium alloy;
3 Inverter high-frequency and high-voltage dual-pulse power supply and a production line, specializing in the oxidation of die castings (the only one in South China that can complete the oxidation and coloring of natural die-cast aluminum)
4 Launched in situ growth composite insulating layer high-power LED heat dissipation substrate (patent) product (composite oxidation patented technology LED field new product)

CNC precision aluminum parts

Frantic machining retains the original two-color oxidation, multiple oxidation, composite color oxidation and other unique decorative anoxic oxidation processes, reduces the original ordinary oxidation business, avoids low-price vicious competition with “cottage” oxidation plants, and focuses on the development of aluminum products Military standard MIL 8625 hard anode, aviation parts chronic acid anode, daily necessities’ porcelain anode, military standard MIL 5541 chemical oxidation (conductive oxidation, trivalent chromium passivation, Aladdin and other advanced aluminum surface treatment processes, and gradually introduce high-power LED white light lighting Energy-saving and environmental protection basic components, key automotive components, wear-resistant components of precision equipment in the industry, high-demand functional oxidation parts, 3C field high-demand decorative anodizing and electrophoretic coating composite technology, and surface treatment of the latest magnesium and titanium alloy oxidation parts.

CNC precision aluminum parts

Frantic machining has a number of patented anodizing technology and its hard anodizing external processing service items:

1) Hard oxide 30-120um HV>420 that truly meets the US military standard mil 8625 specification. Frantic machining has imported military-grade hard-oxidized full-automatic power supply with one-thousandth ripple coefficient, which can ensure that the quality of hard-oxidized is higher than most products on the market that use ordinary silicon rectifier power supplies and switching power supplies.
2) Hard oxidation of 2xxx 7xxx and other difficult workpieces
3) Hard oxidation of die-cast aluminum alloy: Frantic has introduced sanford AC/DC superposition technology to process die-cast aluminum parts. The film thickness of the typical material ADC12 can reach more than 25um, and the other can reach more than 35um.
4) Mixed acid type hard oxide: Three new patented formulas, improved toughness, and hard oxide cracking conditions are significantly reduced
5) Colorable hard oxidation:
6) Self-lubricating sealing (Teflon) composite hard oxidation: the latest technology, using the German nano fluorine sealing agent (please distinguish the oxidized Teflon coating) for hard oxidation post-treatment
7) Composite hard oxide applied in the field of high insulation: Frantic machining patented product “aluminum nitride composite hard oxide” has been successfully used in high heat dissipation LED heat dissipation aluminum substrate, successfully replacing aluminum-based copper clad laminate.

CNC precision aluminum parts

Please distinguish whether the hard quality is good or bad:

1) Hardness? Hardness is generally greater than HV 380, hard oxidation that can achieve HV>550 is rare
2) Film thickness? Generally, it is required to be greater than 25um, but the film thickness can be achieved without hard oxidation quality. The unit film weight and porosity must be assessed. Please distinguish between thick film oxidation and hard oxidation!
3) Size and surface roughness: The general hard oxidation process has high surface roughness after hard oxidation, and the film thickness uniformity is poor, and most manufacturers’ processed products cannot exceed it. Frantic machining military grade one-thousandth grain number hard combined with special additives can better solve this problem.