If you want to customize metal processing or non-metal processing through CNC Machining, you can come to learn about Frantic, we specialize in custom metal processing.

First: custom advantages

1. Confidentiality system: more secure in terms of confidentiality and processing;
2. Measuring equipment: multiple production lines, complete equipment, supporting comprehensive and mature facilities;
3. Price advantage: the same level of product production, the price is more affordable;
4. Technological innovation: products with complex shapes can also be customized and maintain certain accuracy;
5. Processing speed: short production cycle, fast delivery, guarantee on-time delivery;
6. Product quality: The product quality is good, the material selection is assured, the accuracy can reach 0.02MM-0.01MM.

Custom metal processing

Second: Material requirements

1. Metal: copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, 45 steel;
2. Non-metal: FR4, PE, PP, POM

Custom metal processing

Third: the advantages of Frantic

1. For ease of assembly, we will tilt the holes and screw holes. Each product will be carefully packaged to prevent bumps and rust during transportation.
2. The process of all parts we handle is strictly controlled. Each product has its own process card and process flow chart.
3. Our quality inspection procedures are very strict, and self-inspection must be carried out during the production process. We have mobile inspectors.
4. Products of each size must be tested one-to-one after production is completed and a quality report must be provided.
5. We are a physical factory, the price is lower, at least the service fee of the trading company is reduced.
6. We have a good corporate culture and various training courses. We share work experience every day and grow together.

Fourth: customized requirements

1. You need to provide CAD files, Cad format: DWG, DXF, PDF.

Custom metal processing
2. You need to provide 3D model file format: such as step, xt, PRT, etc.

Custom metal processing