First of all, under the premise of aluminum material, the following aspects need to be considered:
1. Force majeure:
1. The stability of the machine tool itself
If it is not a new machine tool or the machine tool has undergone a lot of processing without debugging, there will be dimensional errors caused by the machine tool itself. The following factors cause the error of the machine tool itself:
Beijing CNC machine tool processing machinery:
a. There is looseness between the servo motor and the lead screw.
b. Wear of ball screw bearings or nuts.
c. Insufficient lubrication between screw and nut.
Electrical aspects:
a. Servo motor failure.
b. There is dirt inside the grating ruler.
c. The servo amplifier is malfunctioning.
   Regarding system parameters, PMC can be restored, so it is omitted.
2. The workpiece is deformed by cooling after processing
This is basically unavoidable. Try to pay attention to the use of coolant during processing, and pay attention to the deformation of the workpiece after cooling when performing on-site measurement.