With the surrounding processing, there are more and more processing, each processing is different, because in this way, it can be better for our reference, or for our use, the processing of hardware parts is one of them, then What are the characteristics of the CNC system for hardware parts processing.

CNC lathe processing

The main functions of CNC lathe processing are almost all realized by software. For different CNC lathes, it can be realized only by programming different software. The hardware is almost universal.

They can develop different user programs according to their needs, which makes the application of CNC lathes more extensive, and can penetrate into all areas of the mechanical processing industry.

According to hardware parts processing manufacturers, CNC lathe processing can be divided into three categories: high, medium, and low-end (economical): this classification method is currently used a lot in our country, but because there is no exact definition, it is not very meaningful. clear.

We are accustomed to classifying and define according to the following functional levels. This provides conditions for mass production of hardware. Mass production is conducive to ensuring product quality, shortening the production cycle, and reducing production costs. Therefore, modern CNC lathes all use CNC devices.

This kind of software-based CNC lathe processing, due to its high flexibility, is very convenient for the lathe factory and the users of the lathe. The new CNC system has been selected, and a central processing unit with a simplified instruction set has been selected to increase the computing speed.

According to hardware parts processing manufacturers, low-end CNC generally have no built-in, and medium and high-end CNC have built-in PCs. The high-end CNC has powerful built-in functions and extended functions for axis control.