The choice of CNC machining tool is carried out under the technical condition of man-machine interaction technology written by the machining center program. According to the production and processing professional ability of the machining center, the characteristics of the raw materials of the commodity product, the production process, the cutting performance and other related factors, the cutting tools and collets should be appropriately used.

CNC machining tool

The general criteria for the selection of CNC machining tools are: convenient and quick installation and adjustment, good bending rigidity, wear resistance and high precision. Considering the necessary conditions of the production and processing requirements, try to choose a shorter collet to improve the bending rigidity of the tool production and processing. When selecting a tool, the specifications and models of the tool must be consistent with the specifications and models of the surface layer of the product being processed.

In the production and processing, the production and processing of the contours around the parts of the plane design drawing often use alloy milling cutters; when drilling the plan design drawing, you should use cemented carbide cutting tools blade turning tools; when producing and processing mold seats and concave grooves, select tools Steel alloy milling cutter; when producing and processing the surface of the blank or the initial machining hole, you can choose the corn turning tool with carbide cutting tool blade; for the production and processing of some platform profile and variable inclination contour design, the ball cage is often used turning tools, ring turning tools, tapered turning tools and disc turning tools.

When performing random slope production and processing, since the top tool of the ball cage tool has zero durability, in order to ensure the production and processing accuracy, the milling row spacing is generally very dense, so the ball cage is more common in the deep processing of the slope. The round mouth cutter is better than the ball cage cutter in terms of surface production and processing quality and high milling efficiency. Therefore, if it is necessary to ensure the cutting, whether it is the initial processing or the deep processing of the slope, the round mouth should be selected first. Knife.

CNC machining tool

In addition, the wear resistance and accuracy of CNC machining tools have a great relationship with the price of the tool. Improved processing quality and production and processing efficiency can greatly reduce all production and processing costs. In the production and processing management office, all kinds of tools are installed on the CNC tools, and the tool selection and tool change attitude are carried out at any time in strict accordance with the regulations.

Therefore, the use of standard collets as much as possible will help standard tools used in production processes such as drilling, boring, expanding, and drilling to be quickly and accurately installed on the lathe spindle or CNC tool. The mobile phone software program should grasp the structure specification model, adjustment method and adjustment range of the common collet on the machining center, which is helpful to establish the axial and radial specification model of the CNC machining tool when the program flow is written.