CNC machining is a highly efficient, multi-functional automated machine tool. Bearings are part of CNC machining. Its main function is to support the rotation of the machine, reduce the friction coefficient generated in its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy.

CNC machining

How to disassemble the bearings used in CNC machining?

The bearings used in CNC machining can be disassembled by tapping. When tapping, the force is concentrated on the inner ring of the bearing. This method is relatively simple, but easily damages the bearing. When disassembling, place an object pad under the bearing, and then tap it with a hammer before disassembling the bearing. Bearings used in CNC machining can also be pulled out with special pullers during disassembly. The bearing can only be pulled out by turning the handle. It should be noted that the puller should be clamped on the end face of the bearing inner ring, and the bending angle of the puller should be less than 90°.

CNC machining

The bearings used in CNC machining can also be disassembled by pushing. This can be achieved by a press, and it is relatively safe for the bearing, but it should be noted that the focus of the press should be in the center of the shaft.

Bearings used in CNC machining can also be disassembled by thermal disassembly. Bearings with oil cans of approximately 100 degrees can fall on the bearings. The principle of thermal expansion and contraction causes the bearing to expand after being heated. At this time, it can be pulled out with a puller. Use this method slightly to avoid burns. A better way to disassemble the bearing is induction heating. When CNC machining the bearing ring, induction current is generated, and then the bearing is heated and expanded, so that the spindle can be disassembled more conveniently.

CNC Processing

CNC machining must comply with the safe operation regulations of the machining center. Before work, you should wear protective equipment and fasten your cuffs. Do not wear scarves, gloves, ties or aprons. Female workers’ braids should be tied in a hat. Before starting up, check whether the tool compensation, machine zero point, workpiece zero point, etc. are normal. is correct. The relative position of each button should meet the operating requirements. Write and input CNC programs carefully.

Before CNC processing, check the operation of the protection, safety, signal, position, mechanical transmission part, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems on the equipment. Cutting can be done under all normal conditions. Before trial operation of the machine tool, the operation of the lubrication, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems should be checked. Cutting can be carried out under all normal conditions.