The application range of CNC machining center is very wide, and it is also a kind of equipment that is often used in the field of precision machining. When using the machining center, whether it is used before, the whole process or the maintenance matters that match the end of use are all impossible Ignored, what must be paid attention to during CNC machining? How to maintain it?CNC machining center

Let us master it together below:

1. Before the operation of the CNC machining center, wear all labor protection supplies, and perform lubrication maintenance as required to check the oil level of each lubricant.
2. When clamping the workpiece, be careful to avoid bumps and damage the work surface; when the workpiece is too heavy, the load-bearing capacity of the machine tool table should be checked. The machining center is prohibited from overweight operation.
3. The CNC machining program flow must be checked for accuracy first, and then it can be operated. When using the high-speed action of the plus I center, the tool pairing must be determined.
4. After the CNC machining center machine is started, check whether the movement of the main shaft and the operating table is normal, whether there is abnormal noise, etc.
5. In the production process, you should always pay attention to the movement of the machine tool and whether the condition of adding I is normal or not. In case of noise and alarm, it should be shut down and checked immediately, and the machining center can be processed again after the common faults of the machining center are cleared.

Excellent maintenance habits and safety inspections according to cycle time can not only improve the service life of the machine tool, but also maintain stable processing accuracy. Therefore, everyone maintains and maintains the machine tool according to the cycle time. It will be calm when processing precision-machined parts.