Imported CNC lathe processing manufacturers tell you that in the hardware processing industry, many companies have CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools are a kind of mechatronics processing equipment with a high degree of technology intensive and automation. It is a comprehensive application of computer, automatic control, High-tech products such as automatic inspection and precision machinery, CNC lathes are currently one of the most widely used CNC machine tools.

CNC machining has revolutionized the traditional processing technology. In CNC lathe processing, datum selection and positioning error are issues that must be considered. The problem that the positioning reference does not coincide with the design reference still exists, but the measurement reference and process reference can be consistent with the design reference, so as to avoid the error caused by the dimensional chain calculation.

CNC lathe processing manufacturers

The imported CNC lathe processing manufacturer tells you that the CNC programmer adopts the coordinate method with controllable precision to determine the shape and size of each segment when programming, and the positioning accuracy of the servo system is also quite high (above 0.001mm), which can easily guarantee the product Dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance, so even if the reference does not coincide or the reference is not uniform, the impact on the accuracy of the workpiece can be controlled to be small.

Imported CNC lathe processing manufacturers tell you that the positioning error is composed of two parts: the reference misalignment error and the reference error. The benchmark error has a prominent effect on the processed parts when using fixtures for mass production in traditional processing. However, it is rare that fixtures are frequently used in CNC machining. Parts need to be aligned before machining, and the tool is often aligned directly on the actual surface of the workpiece.

During the machining process, it is rarely re-clamped or replaced. The influence of the fixture has been greatly reduced. Therefore, compared with the traditional machining process, the influence of the positioning error in the CNC machining is no longer the main factor, which is also the machining process of the CNC lathe One of the advantages.