CNC machining is developing towards high speed and efficiency. This includes the speed control of CNC machining. In order to make full use of the effective working stroke, the moving parts must accelerate to a high-speed stroke in a short time, and stop at the moment of the high-speed stroke. This is why it is necessary to control the speed of CNC machining.

According to the open control concept, a method of automatically accelerating and decelerating the motion of a CNC machine tool according to an arbitrary curve is proposed. This method advances the automatic acceleration and deceleration control from the traditional fixed mode to the new flexible mode, and explores a new way to effectively improve the dynamic performance of CNC machine tools.

CNC machining speed

1. Flexible acceleration and deceleration control:

In CNC machining, the system program usually directly realizes the specific automatic speed control function. In this way, the acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the system should be changed, or the CNC program should be modified through the addition and subtraction control, so that ordinary users cannot make the CNC machine tool have the best acceleration and deceleration performance according to their wishes. Therefore, the flexible acceleration and deceleration control method we proposed adopts the database principle, divides the acceleration and deceleration control into acceleration and deceleration description and execution, and separates the acceleration and deceleration description from the system program. In the numerical control system software, a general control channel independent of the acceleration and deceleration database is designed, which can independently complete the acceleration and deceleration calculation and trajectory control.

2. Flexible CNC machining automatic acceleration control:

Set acceleration curve, analysis curve and non-analysis curve, and store them in the acceleration and deceleration curve library in the form of numerical table as a template.

CNC machining speed

3. Flexible CNC machining automatic deceleration control:

The acceleration control is stored in the acceleration and deceleration curve library in the form of a digital table as a template. Reasonable automatic acceleration and deceleration control is an important link to ensure the dynamic performance of CNC machine tools. The traditional automatic acceleration/deceleration control based on a fixed curve lacks flexibility, it is difficult to ensure the coordination between the acceleration/deceleration process and the performance of the machine tool, and it is also difficult to optimize the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool movement.