1. The machining accuracy and surface roughness that can be obtained by any CNC parts processing method has a considerable range, but only in a narrow range is economical, and the machining accuracy in this range is the economical machining accuracy . For this reason, when choosing a processing method, the corresponding processing method that can obtain economic processing accuracy should be selected.

2. To consider the material properties of CNC parts processed parts.

3. Consider the shape and size of the structure.

4. To consider the requirements of productivity and economy. In mass production, high-efficiency advanced technology should be used. It can even fundamentally change the manufacturing method of the blank, which can reduce the labor of machining.

5. The existing equipment and technical conditions of the factory or workshop should be considered. When choosing processing methods, the existing equipment should be fully utilized, the potential of the enterprise should be tapped, and the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers should be brought into play. However, consideration should also be given to continuously improving existing processing methods and equipment, adopting new technologies and improving the level of technology.