When performing precision metal processing. Operators must maintain the correct posture and have sufficient mental substance to perfunctory work, such as finding physical discomfort for personal safety, immediately get rid of the job position, and reflect to the person in charge of the production workshop or higher-level talents.

In the actual operation, the concepts are gathered, chatting is forbidden, and mutual cooperation is prohibited. The operator must not actually operate in the case of upset and exhaustion, so as to ensure personal safety, avoid accidents, and ensure operation. Before entering the job position, all employees check whether their clothing meets the work regulations.

precision metal processing

Let us understand together, what are the precautions for precision metal processing?

1. In the precision hardware processing work, check whether the moving part of the equipment is filled with grease, then start and check whether the clutch and brake systems are normal, and turn the CNC lathe aviation parts for 1-3 minutes. The mechanical equipment is common Prohibit actual operation in case of failure.

2. Maintain the correct posture during the precision metal processing work, and have sufficient mental substance to cope with the work. If you find that you are uncomfortable, you need to leave the post immediately and reflect it. In actual operation, the concept is centralized, chatting is forbidden, and mutual cooperation is prohibited. Operators must not actually operate when they are upset and tried to prevent safety accidents and ensure operation. All employees check whether their clothing meets the working standards before entering the post. It is forbidden to wear sandals, high-heeled shoes and hazardous clothing. Wear a hat if you have long hair.

3. The power is cut off first when disassembling and replacing abrasive tools, and after the high-speed punch motion unit stops running, you can just start to install and adjust the abrasive tools. After installation and adjustment, forcefully move the water pump flywheel for two test flushes to check whether the left and right abrasive tools are symmetrical and effective, whether the screws are firm, and whether the edging ring is on an effective part.

precision metal processing

4. After all other staff have left the working area of ​​the machinery and equipment and removed the dirt on the table during work, they can turn on the power and start the machinery and equipment.

5. During precision hardware processing, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the working area of ​​the guide rail and slide block, and it is forbidden to use force to take and put the product workpiece. Use special tools that meet the regulations when picking up and placing the product in the stamping die. If abnormal noise or malfunction of the mechanical equipment is found, the main power switch should be turned off immediately for inspection. After the mechanical equipment is started, one person should understand the actual operation of the mechanical equipment. Others may not press the power supply or foot on the button switch board, let alone put their hands in the working area of ​​the mechanical equipment or force the moving parts of the mechanical equipment.

6. When you are off work, you should turn off the switch power supply and sort out the finished products, scraps and dirt on the job to ensure that the office environment is cleaned.