1. Read the drawings and understand the various requirements of the parts. It is a basic requirement to read the drawings before CNC mechanical parts. When processing CNC mechanical parts, it is necessary to understand the specific situation of the part, whether it is a part of a certain equipment or a separate part. What is the size of this part, and can our equipment process it? There are also processes that need to be processed, and what is the sequence between them. There is also the difficulty in CNC processing parts. In addition, the processing flow and ideas of the parts should form a process in the mind to see if there are errors.

CNC mechanical parts

2.  the method of processing the entire part is well understood. When machining parts and components, the parts are not processed by a single method. Other processing methods will also be involved. Not to mention the four major processing methods. Wire cutting, casting, forging and other methods will also be used in the process. As an operator, all these processing methods should be mastered and proficient in contact.

3. To understand some basic conditions in this processing plant. Regarding where the CNC equipment is placed, what is the situation in the workshop, what is the water and electricity situation, what is the technical strength of the technicians, and the degree of care of the operators.

CNC parts processing

4.  the sequence and design of the technological process. Here, the level of a technician is reflected here. The preparation of the process, how to operate it scattered, and how to process it if it is centralized. These methods are subject to change at any time. To figure out the sequence relationship between them will be more convenient and efficient for this type of processing in the future.

Mechanical parts are important parts of the transmission system, especially to remove flashes, burrs, chamfers, machining knife marks, reduce tooth surface roughness, fine polishing, etc., no bumps during debarring and polishing, and no change in mechanical zero. The geometric dimensions of the parts and the high precision of the thrown CNC mechanical parts can effectively improve the transmission quality of the CNC mechanical parts and reduce the transmission noise. Can effectively improve the transmission quality.