Normally everyone’s daily life may not be very common for CNC machining technology, but CNC machining technology has always been widely used. This is non-committal. For some structures and characteristics of CNC machining technology, everyone has a detailed grasp?

Generally, the key to the common horizontal CNC machining management center of fixed column type is these three types. The column is fixed, the spindle bearing box is used for Y-direction fitness exercise, the console is used for Z and X fitness exercises, and the spindle bearing box is used for Y, Z-direction fitness exercise, and its operating table is that everyone does X-direction fitness exercise; the spindle bearing box does Y, X-direction fitness exercise, and the operating table does Z-direction fitness exercise; this is the fixed column lying The CNC machining management center of this kind of structure has the characteristics of good structural rigidity, high machining accuracy, and convenient installation and adjustment.

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There are many types of horizontal machining centers with movable columns. There are three types, all of which are movable columns. The operating table is fixed, the column is for X-direction fitness exercise, the main shaft bearing box is hung for Z, Y-direction fitness exercise; the operating table is for Z-direction fitness exercise, the column is for X-direction fitness exercise, and the spindle bearing box is for Y-direction fitness exercise; Do X fitness exercises, column do Z fitness exercises, and spindle bearing box do Y-direction fitness exercises; these three are the moving column horizontal CNC machining management center. The movable column horizontal machining center has high rigidity, high load capacity, suitable for heavy drilling and preliminary machining.

The centralization standard of CNC machining means that no process contains as much production and processing content as possible, thereby reducing the number of process flows. The CNC machining centralization standard applies to the production and processing of product workpieces on high-efficiency professional equipment and CNC lathes.

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The advantages of choosing the standard of process centralization are: increase productivity; reduce the number of process processes, reduce process lines, simplify production planning and production and manufacturing grassroots party building work; reduce the basic total number, total number of operators and land occupation; reduce product workpiece clamping The frequency not only ensures the precision of the mutual parts between the production and processing surfaces, but also reduces the total number of fixtures and the auxiliary time for clamping the product workpiece. However, CNC processing machinery and equipment and industrial production weapons and equipment projects have a large investment, which is relatively inconvenient to adjust and repair, and the production site management cycle time is long, which is unfavorable for production adjustment.