CNC machining means that a computer-controlled CNC lathe completes the production and processing of parts and components. The internal structure of the CNC lathe is like an intelligent robot. It must be used in conjunction with the application and follow all instructions. The specific meaning of CNC processing is to remove the excess parts of the raw materials to make them have the appropriate appearance, such as round, rectangular, etc. In the traditional method, these machines and equipment are actually operated by the operators of the experts who actually operate these machines and equipment.

CNC machining process


Most of the work must be precisely produced and processed, and the actual operation staff should have sufficient professional capabilities to complete precision machining. In the CNC machining center, the role of the operator is minimized. The actual operating staff must only enter the instruction application program on the computer, load the required tools into the machine equipment, and other tasks are automatically completed by the computer system. The computer instructs the CNC processing center to perform various actual production and processing operations according to the instruction program fed by the operator. CNC machining has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, high precision and high reliability.

How many types of CNC machining?

1. CNC machining CNC tools are divided into five categories according to commonly used materials. According to commonly used materials, it is divided into high-speed steel CNC tools, cemented carbide tools, ceramic tools, cubic boron nitride (CBN) CNC tools and diamond tools.

2. The CNC processing is divided into four categories according to the structure. According to the structure, it is divided into overall CNC tools, insert CNC tools, machine clamp CNC tools and composite CNC tools.

3. CNC processing is divided into two categories according to whether it is standardized. According to standardization, it is divided into standard CNC tools and non-standard CNC tools.

The price of CNC processing is about a few yuan per piece, the cheap one is one or two yuan, and the expensive one is dozens of yuan. The price of CNC processing is affected by many aspects, such as brand, type, specification and model, and market. Before choosing to purchase, it is necessary to master and compare in many aspects.

What do those application letters in CNC processing mean?

U. Each feed amount,
R. CNC processing each time the tool retracts,
P. Cycle start line number,
Q. Line number at the end of the loop,
U. Finishing radial allowance,
W. CNC machining finishing axial allowance,
I. Rough turning is the total margin (radius value) of radial cutting,
K. Rough turning is the total margin of axial cutting,
D. Number of cycles,
I. The radius difference between the cutting start point of CNC machining and the cutting end point of the conical surface,
K. The incremental value of the coordinate value of the Z direction of the displacement from the start point to the end point of end face cutting
R. The amount of tool retraction in the radial direction (X) during grooving,
X. CNC absolute X axis coordinate of the maximum depth of cut,
Z. The Z axis absolute coordinate of the maximum depth of cut,
P. The retraction amount (radius value) in the radial direction (X) during grooving,
Q. After the CNC machining is finished radially cutting a tool width, the movement amount in Z
R. After the CNC tool cuts the groove, the amount of tool retraction at the bottom of the groove in the -Z direction.