The procurement work of machinery manufacturing companies often determines the delivery speed, cost and quality of the company’s products. In some companies’ procurement management, it forms a supply and delivery supply chain management system with the company’s logistics transportation. Purchase management is corporate management. The important part of the procurement management can be divided into several aspects: 1. Supplier management; 2. Purchasing process management; 3. Purchasing staff management; 4. Establishing a purchasing system. Below we discuss these aspects.

The suppliers of non-standard parts processing enterprises are mainly divided into three categories: outsourcing processing suppliers, mechanical and electrical product accessories suppliers, hardware accessories suppliers, etc.

1. Selection and management of hardware accessories suppliers. Hardware accessories include wires, screws, paints, drag chains, switches, etc. The purchasing department must first select a brand or manufacturer with reasonable cost performance according to the quality and performance requirements of the accessories. If the production plant purchases directly, it is directly purchased. If it cannot be purchased directly, the manufacturer and the supplier adopt the management method of tracking and managing price, quality, delivery date, and service quality according to the mode of selecting the supplier.

2. Selection and management of suppliers of mechanical and electrical products accessories, mechanical and electrical products such as motors, reducers, PLCs, inverters, valves, hydraulic cylinders, etc., are managed by a special team formed by the purchasing department and the design department, including the price and performance of the products, Delivery time and quality, first of all, the designer proposes to select the brand and establish a list of qualified brands of electromechanical products. ‘

Non-standard parts processing

In addition, designers and purchasers can review products that are similar to the selected brand and are more cost-effective, including small batch trial periods and batch trials. If the review passes, they will be added to the list of machine parts product brands.

Purchasing personnel select suppliers for quotation and supply according to the brand. The quality department records the quality, after-sales service and delivery date of electromechanical accessories. The purchasing department determines the list of qualified suppliers based on the comprehensive price, quality, after-sales service and delivery date. And record and review the supplier’s supply and service.

3. Selection and management of outsourcing processing suppliers. Outsourcing processing suppliers provide parts processing services for enterprises. Especially for some non-standard parts, it is difficult to control the price, delivery date and quality of the parts.

Therefore, when we select non-standard parts processing suppliers, the management department cooperates with the procurement and manufacturing departments to set up a special team to manage the external processing factory. The content includes price, quality and delivery time, etc., and the quality of the processing factory’s personnel, Equipment capabilities and accuracy, processing quality, delivery speed, parts processing prices, service attitudes, task saturation and business information must be fully understood.

After the processing factory has passed the inspection and review, the processing factory can be allowed to supply in small batches and then supply in batches. Process monitoring of the quality, delivery date, price, stability and commercial paper data of the supply meets the requirements. Those who pass the supply assessment included in the list of qualified outsourcing factories.