CNC processing is a very meticulous and difficult job. Many front-line CNC processing workers will encounter some problems in their actual work. Wofu has many years of experience in the CNC processing industry and summarized three common faults and correct countermeasures in the CNC processing process for your reference.

CNC Processing

First: CNC processing handwheel failure. The faults of CNC processing handwheels are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

1. The handwheel shaft selector switch is in poor contact. This problem needs to enter the system self-check to observe the specific conditions of the matching contacts of the axis selection switch (the specific conditions of the connection line), and replace the switch if it is damaged.
2. The handwheel multiple selector switch is in poor contact. The correct step to deal with the poor contact of the CNC processing handwheel multiple selector switch is to enter the system self-check to observe the specific conditions of the multiple switch matching contacts (the specific condition of the connection line), and replace the switch if it is damaged.
3. For the damage to the handwheel pulse generating disc, you need to remove the pulse disc and measure the switching power supply to see if everything is normal, and if the resistance between + and A, + and B is normal, replace it if it is damaged.
4. The connection line of the CNC processing handwheel is broken. The staff enters the system self-check to observe the specific conditions of the matching contacts of each switch, and then measure whether the contact points of the connecting line between the axis selection switch, the multiple switch and the pulse plate and the corresponding point of the input system terminal are on or off, such as broken Just replace it.

CNC Processing

Second: The CNC machining center cannot return to the zero point. In view of this problem, the main summary is as follows:

1. The contact of the origin switch processed by CNC is stuck and cannot move. Professional staff need to clean the stuck position to make it move smoothly, or replace the travel switch, this problem can be handled correctly.
2. The CNC machining origin stop can not press the origin switch to the switch action position. Adjust the installation position of the travel switch so that the zero switch contact can be smoothly pressed to the switch action position by the stop.
3. Water in the origin switch causes poor contact of the switch contacts. Replace the limit switch and take waterproof measures.
4. The origin switch circuit of the CNC machining center is disconnected or the input signal source is faulty. Check whether the switch circuit is open or short-circuited, and whether there is a signal source.

CNC machining tool

Third: There is a problem with the CNC machining tool magazine.

1. The CNC processing stops suddenly during tool change, and the tool change cannot be continued. It is necessary to check whether the air pressure is sufficient. If the air pressure does not reach the ideal air pressure, the tool change will fail.
2. The hat-type tool magazine cannot come out. Check whether the CNC machining tool magazine retreat data signal is in place, whether the tool magazine enters and exits the solenoid valve circuit and PLC output.
3. The tool cannot be released during CNC machining and tool change. Adjust the amount of punching of the lathe, and check whether there is water in the punching cylinder, and deal with it in time.

CNC machining tool
4. The CNC machining cutter head suddenly rotates in the reverse direction and the time difference is half a tool position. This is because the brake mechanism of the tool magazine motor is loose and cannot brake normally.
5. When the tool is changed, the error alarm of tool loosening and tool tightening occurs. Check the air pressure of the CNC machining center, whether the cylinder is fully moved (is there water), whether the knife release switch is pressed in place, and it cannot be pressed too much.