Most people’s measure of need does not depend on the value of high-speed CNC processing, but on the reference set by themselves!

This kind of thinking is in daily life, and the same problem appears in the practice of high-speed CNC processing management.

Especially in price negotiations, high-speed CNC processing usually sets a certain reserve price and uses collective wisdom to estimate the theoretical price.

We call the reference that affects the price of high-speed CNC processing as customer acceptance value.

high-speed cnc processing

That is to say, one of the factors that affect the price of high-speed CNC processing is customer acceptance value.

The value accepted by the customer is the purchase value. Any customer buying high-speed CNC processing always has a reason for his purchase, which is the focus of marketers.

Experienced salespersons often ask customers directly: What will you buy for? What can I do for you? Then the customer’s needs are met and the transaction is simple.

Sales staff use the customer’s acceptance value to sell high-speed CNC processing. In real life, we usually use the psychological price to weigh the manufacturers’ high-speed cnc processing and carry out high-speed CNC processing activities.