Nowadays, it is so difficult to recruit laborers. If a company wants to improve its production efficiency, it cannot do without equipment technology. The wide application of CNC lathe processing greatly improves the efficiency of product lathe processing and reduces capital investment. Generally, one person can watch several sets, which also reduces the labor intensity of workers. But what kind of product is suitable for processing by CNC lathe? What are the characteristics of the products processed by CNC lathes?

CNC lathes

Let us understand together:

1. Generally, products processed by large quantities of CNC lathes are suitable for automatic lathe processing. Because automatic lathes can complete automatic processing of workpieces, they use special automatic feeding mechanisms and fixtures, which are highly efficient, but many parts are specially designed. The efficiency can be greatly improved. Therefore, once the batch of workpieces is too small, the use of automatic lathes for processing requires adjustment of tooling fixtures and automatic feeding mechanisms, which may seem very troublesome.

2. The structure of the product or workpiece should be suitable for automatic feeding processing. When the automatic lathe is used for processing, the workpiece structure should be suitable for automatic sorting of the workpiece and suitable for automatic feeding. (For example, whether the workpiece can be fed by an automatic feeding mechanism such as a vibrating plate, or whether long shaft parts are suitable for automatic feeding of the silo, if it is really not good, manually cut the material on the slide rail; in addition, the cross-section of the workpiece is ring-shaped, hexagonal, etc It is suitable for fully automatic processing, but it is more difficult to fully automatic processing when it is more complicated.

CNC lathes

3. Whether the material of the workpiece is suitable for automatic processing. Generally, materials such as brass, zinc alloy, and ordinary carbon steel have better processing performance and less damage to tools, so they are more suitable for automatic lathe processing. High-speed steel, stainless steel and other parts with poor machining performance are more difficult to machine. The tools are severely damaged during processing, or the discharge of materials such as copper is more troublesome during processing. Some other steels are more severely hardened and are not suitable for automatic lathes. Fully automatic processing.