Equipment List

EquipmentTypesBrandPlace of OriginQuantity
CNC Milling MachineVF-2 (3 axis)HAASUSA2Pcs
CNC Milling MachineVF-2SS (5 axis)HAASUSA1Pc
CNC Milling MachineDT-1 (3 axis)HAASUSA2Pcs
CNC Milling MachineDT-850C (3 axis)DingTaiChina2Pcs
CNC Milling MachineV-8 (3 axis)JIRFINEChina1Pc
CNC Milling MachineTV-500 (3 axis)LiSNChina2Pcs
CNC Milling MachineTV-500 (4 axis)LiTZChina(Taiwan)4Pcs
CNC Milling MachineTC-20cc (3 axis)FEELERChina(Taiwan)1pc
CNC Milling MachineT-850(3 axis)TaikanChina5pcs
CNC Turning Machine36(2 axis)TSUGAMIJapan3pcs
CNC Turning Machine34T (3 axis)MiyanoJapan2Pcs
CNC Turning MachineB0206 (6 axis)TSUGAMIJapan1Pc
CNC Turning MachineB12 (3 axis)CITIZENJapan2pcs
CNC Turning MachineASD-56 (2 axis)ASDChina2Pcs
CNC Turning MachineHL-46 (2 axis)HelongChina1Pc
CNC Turning MachineHL-46FY-DT (4 axis)HelongChina3Pcs
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Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the United States, and one of the largest builders of CNC machines in the world.

From spindles to probe systems to multi-axis capability, Haas machines offer a toolbox of productivity-boosting options.

CNC lathe processing manufacturers

The lineup of products from Citizen Machinery, the world’s top market shareholder in the world of CNC automatic lathes.

CNC lathe processing manufacturers

Tsugami Japan is a machine tool manufacturer in Japan with long history and founded in 1937 and listed in Tokyo stock exchange over 50 years.

Tsugami brand “high precision, high speed, high rigidity”, specialized in customize and develop, manufacture, sell different kinds of CNC high precision machines like precision automatic lathes, precision turret machines, precision machining center, precision grinding machines and precision thread and rolling machines, etc.

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Litz Hitech Corp. was established in 1987. After establishment, Litz has been devoting to the development and manufacture of CNC machine tools.

We have the world’s most advanced CNC equipment and can manufacture precision parts of various materials. Such as copper, stainless steel.