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Grinding machine is a kind of machine tool that adapts to the precision machining of workpieces. It is a kind of precision machining machine tool. The grinder is a machine tool that uses non-metallic abrasives or abrasives to process various surfaces of the workpiece. Generally, the rotation of the abrasive tool is the main motion, and the rotation and movement of the workpiece or the movement of the abrasive tool is the feed motion. Generally, machine tools that use grinding wheels are called grinders, such as cylindrical grinders and surface grinders, while machine tools that use oil stone and abrasives as cutting tools are called precision grinding machines. Master the machining accuracy and surface roughness that can be achieved after general grinding and precision grinding.

CNC Grinding machine parts

Features of grinder

(1) The cutting tool is a multi-edged tool made of numerous small, hard, and sharp non-metallic abrasive grains bonded together, and it performs the main motion of high-speed rotation.
(2) It has strong versatility and wider adaptability. It can process materials and parts that other machine tools cannot process.
(3) There are many types of grinders and a wide range, which can meet the requirements of grinding various processing surfaces, workpiece shapes and production batches.
(4) The grinding machining allowance is small, the production efficiency is high, and it is easy to realize automation and semi-automation. It can be widely used in assembly lines and automatic lines.
(5) The grinding precision is high, the surface quality is high, and it can be used for general ordinary precision grinding, and can also be used for precision grinding and high-precision grinding.

Frantic Machinery is a professional manufacturer that provides precision machining and welding of sheet metal electrical boxes and brackets.

Precision machining

There are precision machining equipment such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, CNC, internal/external grinding, wire cutting, spark machines, machining centers, etc., with a machining accuracy of 0.005mm. Equipped with high-precision testing equipment such as projector, altimeter, hardness tester, micrometer, etc.

Sheet metal processing

There are high-power laser cutting machines, plate shears, CNC bending machines, oxygen welding, arc welding, carbon dioxide welding machines and other equipment. Laser cutting services, various sheet metal electrical box customization services, various aluminum profiles, and square passes are available. Bracket welding service.

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