The technology of high-speed precision presses is becoming more and more mature. There are more and more brands of high-speed precision presses on the market, and it is difficult for customers to choose. As a manufacturer of high-speed precision presses, our “Sanhao” Press Factory recommends that customers choose high-speed presses from the following aspects.

choose a CNC punch

First. Punch accuracy

High-speed punches are precision punches, which are suitable for the stamping of small precision parts, so it is particularly important to investigate the accuracy of high-speed punches. We recommend that customers purchase high-speed punching machines with accuracy in line with JIS special standards and within the accuracy range of 0.02mm

Second. Punch lubrication system

Because the high-speed punch has a high stroke (speed) per minute, it has higher requirements for the lubrication system. Only a high-speed punch with a forced lubrication system and a lubrication abnormal detection function can effectively reduce the probability of a punch failure due to lubrication.

Third. punch core configuration

The level of the core configuration of a high-speed punch directly affects its performance, life and failure rate, so the core configuration is also an important indicator of the quality of high-speed punches.

Fourth. punch bottom dead center detection and performance test

We recommend that customers have undergone strict dynamic bottom dead center detection before purchasing, and have conducted at least 500,000 continuous high-speed performance tests under the three conditions of “temperature rise constant speed”, “constant temperature constant speed” and “temperature rise acceleration”. punch.

Firth. Punch technical service

It is necessary to strictly inspect the policies and systems of the high-speed punch manufacturer regarding installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty, consumables, wearing parts, and technical guidance.

Sixth. punch safety protection measures

Full protection measures include: sudden power failure, wrong operation, overload, emergency stop button, etc.