The products processed by CNC are of high quality and good precision. With the development of industry, the application range of CNC machining is getting wider and wider. It has become one of the main machining methods of various parts and is now favored by many. There are a lot of CNC factories claiming to be the best. For people with customized parts, it’s confused to find a good CNC factory for his project. So, how can it be easily distinguished?

We cite 9 aspects to help you choose CNC machining parts factory:


High-class CNC machining factory should have CNC machining equipment with high accuracy. Among CNC machining lathes, three-axis lathe is suitable for machining simple products, four-axis lathe and five-axis lathe can be machining multi-curved parts, but the machining cost of four-axis and five-axis is more expensive than three-axis one.

It also needs to be equipped with complete testing equipment. The measuring equipment including: caliper, micrometer, altimeter, quadratic element measurement, three-coordinate measurement, etc.; There is smoothness measurement for surface; There are needle gauges and plug gauges for detecting apertures and threads.

Also, ISO and other third-party certificates are important. You can get these information by visiting the website, or request some photos or videos.

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Engineering team

A team of highly skilled mechanical engineers is the soul of the machining factory. They are able to reasonably use technology and arrangement equipment to
meet the production quality and delivery time of parts, and realize your ideas with less cost. Especially in the discussion of new projects, they can provide reasonable
suggestions based on product applications.

Customer service.

Receptionists should be nice, professional, with clear logic and quick response. There are often many details in the communication of machining projects.
For example, sometimes the manufacturing and design of parts are not the same, the design in the drawings may cannot be achieved by machining. Technical support and patient communication are necessary if we want to find the best solution.

Quality management.

A good machining factory should have a strong sense of quality and perform initial inspection, IPQC and quality inspection before delivery. We can request
the quality inspection report and finished product pictures to be sent upon shipment.


Generally speaking, we should choose CNC parts factory with a long service life. They are familiar with the machining technology and surface treatment of common materials and can deal with more difficult projects. When sending inquiries, we can ask them whether they have made similar projects, and request some pictures for reference.

Delivery time.

The delivery time of parts is affected by many aspects, such as the size, shape, material, quantity and so on. But there are differences between different CNC
factories. Especially when the project is urgent or must be completed within the specified time, it should be asked when inquiring and confirming whether it can be achieved.

Customer reviews.

Some companies have registered on the B2B platform, we can see its customer reviews. We can also request to send some screenshots of customer reviews to
know how they work together.

7 Swords has been a pleaseure to deal with. My salesperson Alina is very responsive in her communication and the products are all of the highest quality. I have had a number of  bad experiences with other manufacturers in this region but am so happy to have found this company. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others.
Frank, ABC Company
This was my first order with 7 Swords. The staff are very easy to deal with and very responsive. The parts have been made exactly to my specification and the tolerances are spot on. I have already engaged SPP to produce another order of similar parts. Highly recommend.
Joan, EFG Comapny


Price is an important factor when we choose a supplier, but very low prices may not necessarily save money. Sometimes the supplier quotes a very low price to get the customer’s order, but it cannot be completed finally, so a lot of time and money will be wasted; on the contrary, some suppliers seem to have higher prices, but every step is done well. This is cost-effective for the project.

Payment method.

The general CNC machining factory requires a deposit of 50%, and some also require 30%. If a 100% deposit is required, it means that the transaction risk is
high, and we cannot ensure that the final product meets our expectations, especially for the first cooperation. Our company adopts 30% deposit and 70% down payment, and we will send pictures to customers before shipment to confirm products, which is very friendly to payment.