The quality of CNC processing is processed, not checked. The secret of manufacturing quality monitoring is to let everyone handle their own CNC processing.

1. Self-check awareness

Personnel are required to conduct self-inspection of CNC processing made by themselves. Only those products that they consider to be up to standard can be passed to the next process. Products that are not up to standard are found in the self-inspection, and they must be divided and converted into standards. Product.

The company has formulated detailed inspection items, inspection standards, testing methods, and defect levels for each post and each process. It requires personnel to clearly understand what unqualified items must be paid attention to in their posts, so that everyone can realize that as long as each of us The CNC processing quality has been controlled by the positions, then the CNC processing we manufacture is a product that meets the standard.

CNC processing

2. Mutual inspection awareness

For CNC processing from the previous process, the personnel must be re-inspected and supplemented. After the inspection, the product is deemed to be up to standard before the manufacturing can be implemented. If the quality problem of the previous process is detected, timely feedback is required.

Resolutely do not process inferior products, do not accept inferior products, and do not deliver inferior products.

If inferior products are found, they will be notified to the obligatory positions in time to avoid the continued existence of CNC processing problems, and the replenishment work should be handled properly to transform the inferior products into standard products.

Only when the training personnel meet the CNC processing quality standards in all links, we can get the full salary, and we can meet the standards, and strengthen the mutual inspection awareness and team awareness of the personnel.

3. Special inspection awareness

After performing the self-inspection and mutual inspection, it is necessary to enhance the communication: while the personnel want to manufacture, they are all doing self-inspection and special inspection work. As a professional inspector, they should have a strong CNC processing quality. Monitor awareness.

For the monitoring of CNC processing quality, only by tracking the process monitoring can the quality be controlled.