Many times we just pay attention to the problems during processing or before processing. Of course, these problems are also very important, but the problems are more than these. There may be some minor problems after processing, and these problems will also affect As for the effect of use and the final quality, etc., we want us to understand clearly before working, so let’s take a look at what problems generally occur after precision machining?

1. After processing the entire batch of workpieces, check the tool number and tool compensation value, so that the tool number and tool compensation value on the program flow, reference point web page, and adjustment card processing technology card are exactly the same; when the tool is used repeatedly, The tool should be re-calibrated on the tool setting instrument, which can reasonably reduce the damage to the tool to the workpiece

precision machining

2. Remove the tool from the CNC tool, press the adjustment card or the program flow to clear the code and enter the library. The complete equipment of hard disk, processing technology, and tool adjustment card is put into the warehouse;

3. Remove the jigs and fixtures. Some jigs and fixtures should record the installation position and direction, and make a record and file;

4. Stop each ordinate at the middle position;

5. If you want to stand by at this time, you can press the switch power off button on the control panel and wait for a while, so that the main shaft bearing water cooling oil in the main shaft bearing can be automatically turned on and off after it flows back.

These problems are relatively common, and we should pay attention to them. Only by checking the details, we can avoid many problems in the later use and help improve the efficiency of the work. I will stop here today. If you want to learn more, please visit our website to learn more.